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djuice Music Radio Voice Search


Hey Friends,

Amar or Amaar or Aamaar? Poth chola naaki pothchola? It’s quite confusing to type songs’ names to search for, taai naa? That’s why now djuice Music Radio has Voice Search! Yes, just say the song’s name and the song will arrive at your service only!

Dial 4040 and go to channel 9 to search songs. Select the song language – Bangla or English and search the song by Song/Movie/Artist name. Maximum 30 songs will be returned in your search result (if matched with keyword). Search results will be played one by one; you can skip anytime to any song by pressing # and you can hear other options by pressing * (song dedication, add to my gallery etc).


 Remember……Singing out of tune is injurious for health!!

If you really want to rock your head to your favorite GAAN or dedicate your favorite songs to your best buddies dial 4040 and enjoy music with djuice music radio.

 So gaaner naam tepatepi bondho kore start searching for songs with your voice.

Happy searching!


Things you need to know:

Monthly fee Tk. 20

Weekly fee Tk. 5

4040 call charge Tk. 0.50

SMS request: Free

Song Dedication Tk. 7 per song

 Promotional 4040 call charge is Tk. 0.30. This offer can be availed till December 28th 2010 and after that 4040 call charge will be Tk. 0.50. Song dedication is applicable for djuice/GP number only.


*Charge, VAT and conditions apply.

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